Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park is the smallest savannah park in Uganda which was first gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and later upgraded to a game reserve in 1963. The park is situated approximately 240km kilometers from Kampala and 30 kilometers from Mbarara in Kiruhura district. Lake Mburo national park is composed of different mosaic habitats ranging from forests, acacia trees, grass lands and seasonal as well as permanent swamps.

The park has 5 lakes within and the main lake is Lake Mburo where visitors can see many hippos wallowing in the water and the large crocodiles lurking on the shores. There are also over 70 mammal species recorded in this park of which some of them are endemic such as the Impala, and the Zebras. The park is also a home to over 320 bird species including Cormorant, Fish Eagle, Pelican, Shoebill stork and the rare African Finfoot.

Safari activities in Lake Mburo national park.

Fishing: Lake Mbuo is endowed with about  six species of fish including Tilapia, lungfish, Haplochromes, Mud fish.  The most fishing spot is at Mazinga and visitors can use hooks to catch fish in a comfortable shade offered for a great relaxation.

Wildlife safaris: Lake Mburo national park offers a guided game drive through the park where you will spot birds and different animal species. Early morning and late afternoon game drives are the best times to roam the park in such of wild life. There is also a guided night game drives that starts between 6:30-7pm and lasts for two or three hours.

Boat cruise: A boat cruise in Lake Mburo is indeed a wonderful experience. The morning or afternoon boat experience will get you face to face with the flora and fauna of the lake. You will see animals such as crocodiles, hippos and many other water birds.

Nature walk: a guided nature walk is done towards the salt lick at Rwonyo. Different animals are also seen as they lick the salty water and numerous flying over the air. Walks on the western side of the lake begin at 7am and takes two hours.

Horse riding: This activity helps in perfect view of wildlife including eland and buffalo as well as the bushbuck, waterbuck, impala, duiker and the zebras. The activity takes four hours and visitors are taken up to the hilltop viewpoints with the option of bush breakfast or sundowners. The activity is commonly arranged at Mihingo lodge.

Lake Mburo National park
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