All About Kazinga Channel & Its Attractions

All About Kazinga Channel & Its Attractions

Kazinga channel is located in Kasese district within Queen Elizabeth National park, it’s a 32 km long channel that joins Lake George and Edward. Kazinga channel is the easiest water body to reach while in Queen Elizabeth National park, it has scenic views, fresh water, and a perfect spot for game viewing.

It has two parts namely the kasenyi plains and the north Kazinga channel. For lion trekking, kasenyi plains is ideal.

Kazinga channel wetland is protected through Ramsar sites’ rights of conservation of Africa’s wetlands. The wetland harbors crocodiles, different bird species, and statunga antelopes among others.

During a boat cruise on kazinga channel, you are able to see a number of wildlife like buffaloes bathing in mad, school of hippos, crocodiles, beautiful birds, elephants, the biggest lizard in Africa known as the giant monitor lizard. An afternoon boat cruise is more rewarding since most animals are coming to quench their thirst.

Kazinga channel is an excellent birding spot since over 100 water birds flock to its banks. Likely birds to spot include the African skimmer, yellow-billed stork, fish eagle, black crake, papyrus gonolek, martial eagle, black bee-eater, and many others

Lake George is in charge of draining the kazinga channel, it borders kazinga channel on the eastern side. Lake George is one of the freshwater bodies in Uganda. The shores of kazinga channel attract a number of wildlife and it has the biggest population of Hippos and crocodiles in the world.

Kazinga channel launch cruise ranks in launch cruises of Uganda since it is considered more rewarding than others. Launch cruise on Kazinga channel is done in shifts and these are the morning cruise that starts at 11am and ends at 1 pm, and the evening boat cruise from 3pm to 5pm east African time.

UWA launch trip costs 30 USD per tourist.

The dry seasons of June to August and December to February are the most preferable for boat safaris since the hotness pushes the wildlife towards the channel banks hence making the chances of seeing them high.


No worries about where to stay while visiting Kazinga channel because Queen Elizabeth National park is well equipped with lodges, hostels and camps ranging from luxury to midrange and budget.

Mweya safari lodge is located on mweya peninsular, jacana lodge, ishasha bandas, mweya hostels, bandas and many others.

Kasenyi safari camp with great views of flamingo-colored lake shores.

Elephants plain lodge suited northwest of Queen Elizabeth offering extensive panoramic views


Kazinga channel is accessible by road via kasese- mbarara road through katunguru up to Mweya safari lodge where the boat cruise is booked from.

A visit to the Kazinga channel is a great lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Other activities like tree climbing lion tracking, game drives, and chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park can be combined with a safari to the kazinga channel

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