Meet Uganda Tree climbing lions In Ishasha Sector

Tree climbing lions.

Tree climbing by lions is unique since the habit is not common among them. However, in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth, there are several tree-climbing lions and it’s the only place in Uganda where you can find them. Tree-climbing lions are also said to have been seen in Lake Manyara –Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa though the story is not convincing enough as it is in the Ishasha sector.

Lions have been seen in many parks like Murchison falls national park in Uganda and Kidepo valley national park however these do not climb trees.

Reasons as to why lions in the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth climb trees according to research;

  • To get a cool view of prey. Climbing trees by these lions is a way for them to clearly spot and target their prey while feeding in the pastures.
  • Avoiding the heat on the ground. Savannahs tend to have high temperatures as the seasons change hence making the ground hot for the lions and they resort to staying up in trees, during these seasons you can easily spot them lazily hanging on tree branches.
  • Fleeing from insect bites. Lions climb trees to protect themselves from insects like tsetse flies which are breeding during rainy seasons and these affect lions plus other wild inhabitants. Lions being wise decide to climb trees as a way of protection.

 Tree climbing lions like sycamore fig trees and acacia trees which are wide-branched and provide a comfortable place for resting and shelter. All these trees are found in the ishasha sector.

Encountering the unique tree-climbing lions is a lifetime memory no one would like to miss.

Why queen Elizabeth national park the ideal place for tree-climbing lions?

Tree-climbing lions are the ones that make Queen Elizabeth famous since they are unique, these draw thousands of tourists from all around the world to come and explore the unique tree-climbing lions.

There are tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara of Tanzania, however, these are rare, and seeing them is a great chance unlike in Queen Elizabeth where it’s hard to miss them. Queen Elizabeth national parks tree climbing lions live a lot of tourists wondering after sighting these wild cats staying comfortably in tree branches with a lot of ease.

Ishasha sector is a unique part of Queen Elizabeth where you can also spot tree-climbing leopards during a game drive this just confirms how unique the cats of this sector are!

Queen Elizabeth National park offers a lot apart from the tree-climbing lions and these includes;

Scenic wilderness views from the mountains of the moon to water bodies like crater lakes surrounding the park, lakes Edward and George linked by kazinga channel, the stunning kyambura gorge the home of chimpanzees, wildlife like Buffaloes, leopards, elephants, bushbuck, Uganda kobs and a lot more.

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