Rare Bonobos Species


Bonobos are unique apes found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bonobos are unique and interesting wild creatures with 98.7% human DNA. Bonobos are not much known as other primates and at times they are confused with chimpanzees however they are totally different. Bonobos are scientifically known as pan paniscus and can also be called pygmies.

Bonobos are unique and feature as our closest relatives among all primates.

Bonobos are endangered species thriving only in the democratic republic of Congo, particularly in the Congo basin which features a large forest. These pygmy primates are less than 5000 due to the bush meat trade.

The uniqueness of the bonobos.

The females are the heads of the family unlike in other primates and this explains why they live in harmony. Family being dominated by female isn’t common in the animal kingdom. Females are in charge of punishing aggressive males.

Different primates have been recorded killing colleagues however there has not been any recorded case among bonobos and this ranks them as being intelligent and harmonious.

Bonobos are good Samaritans according to the report from Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary. Bonobos like sharing and they can even share with strangers.

Bonobos curb down conflicts in different ways like having sex, handshake, and social contact. In case of any member of the family feels stressed or hurt, they just run and give him or her a bonobo handshake hence curbing down conflicts in their community.

Bonobos are unique primates and this is proved by how they display rare traits making them remarkable creatures of the world that anyone wouldn’t want to miss out in a lifetime.

Features of bonobos.

  • They have long legs.
  • Have shorter arms.
  • Have a narrow trunk.
  • They are generally small.
  • They have a round skull with flatter face.
  • Have a black face with red lips.
  • They have parted long hair
  • Have a tail tuft
  • They are about 4 feet tall
  • Males weigh about 36-61 kilograms and females 27-38 kilograms.

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